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Friday, July 27, 2012


I made this video over a two day period to show some of the process of shoe making in my shop. Normally, I make shoes in pairs. I threw this together as a way to attach a visual sense of what I do and where I do it. As the project moves forward I will expand and clarify the stages of the process. While, this is a representation of some of my work, when I talk about the elegant process that I want to show with this project, I am talking about laying out an entire process that is formed of small steps and stations. Last shaping, pattern making, pattern cutting, dying, stitching, installing hardware, lasting, glueing, burnishing, insole scheme, et al. Despite being the result of numerous processes, a pair of shoes can be made in a total of two hours of physical labor, with each pair requiring twenty four hours to dry and rest. This efficiency is achieved without sacrificing quality. There are no corners cut. An average Oxford that I produce contains 240 stitches in the upper. Soles are stitched to uppers. Renia cement is used to glue the rubber outsole that will protect the sole stitches from the rigors of walking. This step greatly extends the life of the shoe and will prevent costly sole replacement. (It's much cheaper to have a cobbler glue a new piece of rubber outsole on the original leather sole than to have one stitch a new leather sole to your upper.) Uppers and liners are conditioned throughout the process to maintain their strength as well as their pliability. The result is a beautiful finish and comfort. I make shoes for my family, friends, and for people who see my shoes and make inquiries. My shoes are made with love.

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