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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Okay. Thank you all for being patient. I hit a few snags with photography equipment.
Here are pictures of prototypes that represent the shoes you will receive in gratitude for your pledge. I have purchased a bunch of beautiful materials. It's been wonderful to sit in the studio and work with all of it. Right now I'm putting most of my effort into getting these images out for you. And, I'm carving lasts for the shoe sizes I don't have lasts for. My shoe shop turns into a wood shop for that process. I am excited to get the mess cleaned up and get back to shoemaking. I will post pictures and blog about the last making process soon.

The colors offered are white, natural leather, Chestnut Brown, grey, and black. I have included pictures of the colors either in the form of pictures of the leather itself or shoes made in the color. I do all of my own dying - except for white. The white is a beautiful English calf leather. It is not a bright white but a slightly off white. I think it is beautiful.

English Kip

Below is the standard Unisex Oxford with Grommets. This shoe can be ordered without grommets. The lace holes on these without grommets will be punched and reinforced (approximately 1/8" diameter. These can be ordered in any of the colors. You may choose a stitch color of white or black. You also have a variety of soles to choose from. All shoes come with leather soles that are stitched to the uppers. A protective rubber outsole covers most of the stitching which prolongs the life of the shoe. I prefer a thin subtle sole. Outsole options are : white chevron, black chevron, black thin micro-waffle, and white micro waffle. All are pictured below.

Standard Unisex Oxford with grommets in black.

Here we have the Female Forward Line Oxford in white. Available in all color options with choice of outsole texture.

Female Forward Line Oxford in English kip white.

Next, Unisex Futbol Boot. Available in all color options with choice of outsole. Pictured here with a wax finish.

Futbol boot in Waxy Black.

Female Oxford Line Boot. Available in all colors with choice of outsole.

Oxford Line Boot in Grey with white chevron outsole.

Bootie. Pictured here in dark green. Limited number available in this color. Otherwise available in all color options. Lined with english kip. Italian leather sole with recessed stitch.

Bootie in green.

Ballet flat. Available in all color options. Sole is soft leather stitched to upper. Outsole is thin micro-waffle (white or black.)

Ballet Flat in white.

All shoes are lovingly conditioned with Bentley's original Liquid Glycerine. I hand finish the leather. The product is supple beautiful leather with beautiful character. Carnauba creme and saddle laquer are also used to create a protective and durable finish. All leather shoes come out of the box a little stiff. I put a lot of effort into working with the leather to give my shoes a wearable and forgiving feeling right out of the box. All sole material is treated to be weather proof. The outsoles provide an added level of protection. The life expectancy of your shoe is closely tied to the protection of the sole. Replacing the outsole when it wears through will cost very little compared to the replacement of the leather (stitched sole.) Regardless, my shoes are meant to be loved and lived in. Below are images of the threads, sole material, and leather. Please take some time to make your choices. As well, I am happy to make any shoe here for any size and sex of foot. My gender assignments are suggestions. Thank you all.


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