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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pictures of shoes

This is my standard Unisex Oxford. I wear this shoe everyday. The leather upper is stitched to the leather sole. All in all this shoe has about 250 hand placed stitches. There is a rubber outsole to protect the sole stitches from the rigors of walking. The outsole can be a thin smooth rubber in black or white. A thicker chevron sole is another option. The chevronis a little bulkier but provides good traction.
 Color options are  black, white, grey, chestnut, and natural leather. These shoes are hand burnished to provide a beautiful finish. Ample conditioning and attention makes the leather quite comfortable upon removal from the box. Over time theywill become softer. But, the structure will maintain its integrity. 

These shoes is tolerant of much abuse. But, devoting a little time to maintenance every so often will greatly extend their lives.
The Female Oxford Line Boot in grey. The leather upper is stitched to the leather sole. Sole stitches are partially covered by rubber a rubber outsole. Thin rubber outsole or thicker chevron sole (pictured) available white or black. Leather sole is natural leather color (with clear coat.) Upper color options : White,Grey,Black, Chestnut, and Natural.
The Futbol Boot. This is a unisex boot. Available in Black, grey, white, chestnut, or natural leather color. Hand stitched upper is stitched to leather sole with rubber outsole to cover stitches. 

More photos will be posted of this boot soon.
A simple Ballet flat. Available in black, grey, white, chestnut, or natural. The leather upper is stitched to a soft leather sole which is covered by a thin rubber outsole. The flat is very soft,  yet maintains its shape. The toe and heel are lined. 

Baseball stitching on the instep provides a nice detail. 

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